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High Speed CNC Machining Centers Techniques  


Three Axes Box Ways Design — Rigid, Stable, Precision!


Rigid Machine Structure
The rigid machine structure is an optimized big span equilateral triangle design. Provided with 8-16 adjustment leveling bolts (varied with models) for sufficient support points and ensuring machine stability for heavy loads.
Axes travels are transmitted by high precision ball screws to achieve excellent dynamical performance. The Y-axis has 4 box ways as for better support.
The rigid base with uniform load distribution and massive construction creates a stable heavy duty support.
Box ways on 3 axes are hardened and precision ground. All sliding way surfaces are coated with TURCITE-B and precision hard scraped. An automatic volume type lubrication system is applied to increase slide ways accuracy and longevity.
Z-axis equipped with a counter weight balance, providing smooth motions for headstock rapid traverse and micro feed.
3 axis ball screws are directly driven by servo motors.
Fully Enclosed Guide Way well protected slide ways prevent coolant and chip chips from entering. This feature provides safely guard for slide ways and extends the machine life.
Uniform lubrication points on slide ways. The machine employs a volume type lubricator for consistent oil flow to each point, assuring a uniform lubrication effect each slide lubrication point.
Class C3 ball screws on 3 axes are pretension to eliminate backlash and thermal elongation that provides outstanding positioning and repeatability accuracy.


High Precision 3-Dimensional Coordinate Measuring
All high precision parts of the machine are precisely inspected by the sophisticated 3-dimensional coordinate measuring machine(CMM), that assure outstanding parts accuracy for assembling.
Precision Machine Inspection
Each machine is subject to high-tech precision inspections, such as laser unit and ball bar test to guarantee the best repeatability and positioning accuracy.
The counter weight balance is equipped with guide rod, assuring the headstock rapid transverse more stable and faster, without vibration and eventually provides high accuracy positioning.
TBV Series
Standard Option
FANUC 0i-MD Control Spindle Speed 10,000/12,000 rpm, Belt Drive
Spindle Speed 8000 rpm
Belt Drive
Spindle Speed 12,000/15,000 rpm, Direct Coupled
Arm Type ATC 24T Spindle Speed 4500/6000 rpm, Gear Box
Fully Enclosed Splash Guard Coolant through Spindle(CTS)
Spindle Oil Chiller Coolant through Tool
Two-speed Gear Box(TBV-1685) Coolant Ring
Spindle Air Purge
3-axis Optical Linear Scale
Programmable Cutting Air Blast 4th-axis Interface/4.5-axis Interface
(Tilting Rotary Table)
Chip Flushing Device 4th-axis Rotary Table
Coolant System Chain Type Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart
Automatic Lubrication System Scraper Type Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart
Electrical Heat Exchanger Screw Type Chip Auger(TBV-1685)
Screw Type Chip Auger
(Left and Right TBV-1685)
High Pressure Coolant Pump
3-color Warning Lamp Automatic Tool Length Measurement
and Breakage Detection(ALTM)
Working Lamp Automatic Workpiece Measurement System
Tool Box with Tools 200mm Raiser Block for Column
Operation Manual Oil Skimmer
Maintenance Manual Air Gun
Manual Guide 0i Coolant Gun
Auto Power OFF(M30) Transformer
Rigid Tapping  
Macro Programs Memory 1280M  
RS-232 Interface  
Memory Card Interface(PCMCIA)  

■ Standard and optional equipments listed as above are for reference only.
 The correct information is dependent on customer's order.

Description UnitTBV-1272
  Controller   0i-MD
TABLE Table size mm (in.) 1350x700
T-slot (size × number × pitch) mm (in.) 18x5x130
Max. load capacity kgf 1500
STROKE X-axis stroke mm (in.) 1200 (47.24)
Y-axis stroke mm (in.) 720 (28.34)
Z-axis stroke mm (in.) 610(24.01) / 680(26.77)
SPINDLE Distance from table surface to spindle nose mm (in.) 150-760(5.90-29.92)
Distance from column cover to spindle center line mm (in.) 745 (29.33)
Spindle motor (cont/ 30min) KW (HP) 11/15 (14.7/20)
Spindle speed rpm 8000 / 6000
Spindle taper - BT-40 / BT-50
MOTOR Servo motor of X,Y,Z axis KW (HP) 2.5/2.5/2.5 (4/4/4)
Lub. Motor W (HP) 30 (0.036)
Coolant motor W (HP) 750 (0.90)
FEEDRATE Rapid feedrate (X/Y/Z) m/min (ipm) 18/18/15 (opt. 24/24/15)
[708/708/590 (opt. 944/944/590)]
Cutting feedrate mm/min (ipm) 10000 (393)
A.T.C Tool storage capacity pcs 24(Arm Type)
Max. tool dia. (with adjacent tool) mm (in.) Ø80(3.15) / Ø110(4.33)
Max. tool dia. (without adjacent tool) mm (in.) Ø150(5.90) / Ø200(7.87)
Max. tool weight kg (Lb) 7(15.4)/15(33.07)
Tool change time (Tool to tool) sec 1.6 (60HZ)

■ All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.