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The Ultimate VMC's from TMT.
Now, you can step up your cutting operations for greater profit while reducing your operation costs. Select from the TMT line of ruggedly constructed VMC's.
Perfectly Designed to Optimize Cutting Efficiency
Oil Cooling Diagram
The oil cooling tubes are connected to the spindle motor adaptor and the spindle, which eliminate thermal displacement.
The box type spindle stock is a rigid construction and scientifically rib reinforced.
The spindle runs on angular contact bearings to achieve optimal spindle rigidity and machining accuracy.
Minimum dynamic vibration is ±2μm.
Uniform lubrication points on slide ways. The machine employs a volume type lubricator for consistent oil flow to each point, assuring a uniform lubrication effect each slide lubrication point.
Lubrication System;
Well-designed lubrication system eliminated sticking problem on slide ways.
The oil grooves feature pressure relief to eliminate floating problem due to excessive oil pressure.
High Precision 3-dimensional Coordinate Measuring
All structural parts of the machine are precisely inspected by the sophisticated 3-dimensional coordinate measuring machine(CMM), that assure outstanding parts accuracy for assembling.
High-Tech Precision Inspection
Each machine is subject to high-tech precision inspections, such as laser unit and Renishaw ball bar tester, to guarantee the best possible repeatability and positioning accuracy.
Three Axes Box Ways
Ruggedly, Stable, Precision!
Outstanding Features Assure Heavy Accurate Machining on Every Job.The Ultimate VMC's from TMT.


2-speed Gear Type Spindle (TBV-1685/1885/2085)
Featuring high efficiency, high torque output and minimum noise..
Powerful Chip Flushing System
There are several flushing nozzles equipped at both sides of the machine guard. These nozzles provide efficient chip removing effect during cutting.
Tool Magazine(OPT)
Increased magazine loading capacity of 30, 40 tools is available.
Gear Type Spindle(OPT)
Gear type spindle can achieve 4,500/6,000 rpm and provide high torque to meet customer's needs for heavy cutting.
Direct Drive Spindle(OPT)
Direct coupled spindle offers less vibration than belt driven spindle, which drastically improves surface finish and machining accuracy.
Coolant through Spindle(OPT)
Coolant through spindle system can cool workpiece with fully effect to meet cutting needs for various materials.
Optical Scale(OPT)
The accuracy could be much improved with optical scale.
TBV-1885 Series
Standard Option
Spindle Speed 6000 rpm, Gear Drive Spindle Speed 4500 rpm, Gear Drive
FANUC 0i-M Control Spindle Air Purge Curtain
SET-UP Guidance Coolant through Spindle(CTS)
Auto Power OFF(M30) Coolant through Tool
Rigid Tapping Spindle Coolant Ring
Programs Memory 1280m 3-axis Optical Linear Scale
RS-232 Interface 4th-axis Interface/4.5-axis Interface
(Tilting Rotary Table)
Memory Card Interface(PCMCIA) 4th-axis Rotary Table
Ethernet Air Conditioner 
USB Interface High Pressure Coolant Pump
3-color Warning Lamp Chain Type Chip Conveyor & Cart
Working Lamp Scraper Type Chip Conveyor & Cart
Arm Type Magazine 24T Screw Type Chip Conveyor & Cart
Spindle Oil Chiller Automatic Tool Length Measurement
and Breakage Detection(ATLM)
Programmable Cutting Air Blast Automatic Workpiece Measurement System
Heat Exchanger  200mm Raiser Block for Column
Automatic Lubrication System Oil Skimmer
Chip Flushing Device Air Gun
Coolant System Coolant Gun
Y-axis Dual Chip Auger Device Transformer/Stablizer
Tool Box with Tools  
Operation/Maintenance Manual  

■ Standard and optional equipments listed as above are for reference only.
 The correct information is dependent on customer's order.

Description UnitTBV-1885
  Controller   0i-M
TABLE Table size mm (in.) 1900x800
T-slot (size × number × pitch) mm (in.) 22x6Tx125
Max. load capacity kgf 2200
STROKE X-axis stroke mm (in.) 1800
Y-axis stroke mm (in.) 850
Z-axis stroke mm (in.) 750
SPINDLE Distance from table surface to spindle nose mm (in.) 150-900
Distance from column cover to spindle center line mm (in.) 850
Spindle motor (cont/ 30min) KW (HP) 15/18.5(20.0/24.6)[opt. 18.5/22(24.6/29.5)]
Spindle speed rpm 6000 (opt. 4500)
Spindle taper - BT-50 (Gear type)
MOTOR Servo motor of X,Y,Z axis KW (HP) 7/7/7
Lub. Motor W 30X2
Coolant motor W 750
FEEDRATE Rapid feedrate (X/Y/Z) m/min (pm) 15/15/15
Cutting feedrate mm/min (ipm) 10000
A.T.C Tool storage capacity pcs Arm type 24T
Max. tool dia. (with adjacent tool) mm (in.) Ø110
Max. tool dia. (without adjacent tool) mm (in.) Ø200
Max. tool weight kg (Lb) 15
Tool change time (Tool to tool) sec 3.5 (60HZ)

■ All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.