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TG-350 5AX  

TG-350 5AX
TG-350 5AX Column Traveling Gantry Machining Center
TG Series
Standard Option
Spindle Air Blow Device Spindle Speed Upgrade 12,000/15,000/20,000 (Bulit-in type) rpm
Two-Side Chip Flushing System Spindle Speed Upgrade 7.5/11 KW
Work Light (PL Light) HSK 50A tool magazine (30T) and spindle
Electrical Cabinet HSK 63A tool magazine (24T) and spindle
Coolant System SK-40, CAT-40 tool magazine and spindle
Automatic Lubrication System NBT-40, BBT-40 spindle
Dual-Color LED Alarm Light Working Table Lower 100mm (TG-700)
Tool Kits and Tools ATLM with Breakage Detection
TFT LCD Monitor Optical Scale
Coolant Tank and Chip Basket A / C Axis Optical Scale (TG-350 5AX, TG-250 5AX)
Spindle Oil Chiller(Spindle Speed 12000/15000/20000 rpm) Rear type Chip Conveyor (Filter/Chain/Scraper type)
Hydraulic Unit (TG-350 5AX, TG-250 5AX) Auto Door
Spindle Oil/Air Mist Lubrication System (Built-in Spindle Standard, for other models optional) Coolant Gun
  Air Gun
  4th axis Rotary Table/5th Axis Rotary and Tilting Table
  Air Conditioner
  Trnasformer/Voltage Stabilizer


TRAVEL X-Axis mm 700
Y-Axis mm 450
Z-Axis mm 420
A-Axis DEG -120°/+30°
C-axis DEG 360°
Table to Spindle Nose mm 150-570
Max. Work area mm 350x300
TABLE Table Size mm ø350
Max. Load kgs 100(H)/70(T)
T Slot mm 12H7x4x90∘
SPINDLE Spindle Speed rpm 10000
Spindle Taper - BT-40
Transmission - Direct Drive
FEEDRATE Rapid Traverse(G00) m/min 48/48/48
Cutting Feedrate(G01) mm/min 10000
MAGAZINE Tool Shank - BT-40
Pull Studs - P40T-1 MAS403-45º
Magazine Type - Servo Drive
Tool Capacity - 24
Max. Tool Length mm 300
Max. Tool Diameter mm 100
Tool Weight kgs 4
Tool Change Time Tool to tool sec 4
MOTOR X-Axis Servo Motor(Mitsubishi/FANUC) KW 3.0
Y-Axis Servo Motor(Mitsubishi/FANUC) KW 3.0
Z-Axis Servo Motor(Mitsubishi/FANUC) KW 3.0
Spindle Motor(Mitsubishi/FANUC) KW 5.5/7.5