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Rigid Machine Structure

  • The structural parts of the machine are manufactured from durable, stress relief cast iron. This assures stable and long term accuracy.
  • The Y-axis is equipped with two linear ways with 850 mm span. It provides a solid support with superior stability and rigidity, excellent for precision parts and mold machining. 
  • The counter weight balance is equipped with a guide rail, which provides a smooth movement support when the spindle head is performing cutting or traveling up or down.
  • The extra heavy duty column is an isosceles triangle shape construction with a big span to the massive and stable base to assure high accuracy machining.
  • The saddle and table are box-in-box design to achieve minimum machining vibration and maximize machining accuracy.
The coolant circulation groove on the outside of the spindle, combined with a high efficiency oil chiller, effectively reduces heat growth on the spindle and ensures spindle running accuracy. The pressure difference in the spindle avoids dust entering.  
The motor base and bearing housings are all one-piece cast iron to increase the machining accuracy.  
24-Tool Arm-Type ATC  
This magazine can be equipped with management system for large diameter tools as an option.

The machine is equipped with FANUC 0i-MD controller

The mechanical counter weight balance for the spindle head is equipped with brake device on Z-axis motor to prevent the head from dropping. The absolute encoder eliminates home position return.
Spindle Oil Chiller (Standard Equipment)  
The spindle oil chiller provides consistent temperature control in order to have ultimate machine stability.


TLV Series
Standard Option
FANUC 0i-M Control  
Spindle Speed 8000 rpm, Belt Drive(TLV/TCV-966/1166) Spindle Speed 10,000/12,000 rpm, Belt Drive
Spindle Speed 10,000 rpm, Belt Drive(TLV-850/850s)  
Carrousel Type Magazine 16T(TLV-850) Rapid Tool Changer
Arm Type Magazine 24T(TLV-850s, TLV/TCV-966/1166) Servo Drive and Spindle Motor
Adopts FANUC Alpha Type Series
Coolant through Ballscrew(TLV-850s) Coolant through Spindle(CTS)
Fully Enclosed Splash Guard Coolant through Tool
Spindle Chiller Coolant through ballscrew
Spindle Air Purge Curtain Coolant Ring
Programmable Cutting Air Blast 3-axis Optical Linear Scale
Chip Flushing Device 4th-axis Interface/4.5-axis Interface(Tilting Rotary Table)
Coolant System 4th-axis Rotary Table
Automatic Lubrication System Chain Type Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart
Electrical Cabinet Heat Exchanger Scraper Type Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart
3-color Warning Lamp High Pressure Coolant Pump
Working Lamp High Precision Linear Roller Guides
Tool Box with Tools Automatic Tool Length Measurement and Breakage Detection(ATLM)
Operation Manual Automatic Workpiece Measurement System
Maintenance Manual 200mm Raiser Block for Column
Manual Guide 0i Oil Skimmer
Auto Power OFF(M30) Air Gun
Rigid Tapping Coolant Gun
Macro Programs Memory 1280M Transformer
RS-232 Interface  
Memory Card Interface(PCMCIA)  
Rapid Tool Changer(TLV-850s)  

■ Standard and optional equipments listed as above are for reference only.
 The correct information is dependent on customer's order.

Description UnitTCV-966
  Controller   0i-M
TABLE Table size mm (in.) 1070x600
T-slot (size × number × pitch) mm (in.) 18x5Tx100
Max. load capacity kgf 800
STROKE X-axis stroke mm (in.) 900 (34.43)
Y-axis stroke mm (in.) 600 (23.62)
Z-axis stroke mm (in.) 600 (23.62)
SPINDLE Distance from table surface to spindle nose mm (in.) 120-720 (4.72-28.34
Distance from column cover to spindle center line mm (in.) 660 (25.98)
Spindle motor (cont/ 30min) KW (HP) 11/15 (14.7/20)
Spindle speed rpm 8000
Spindle taper - BT-40
MOTOR Servo motor of X,Y,Z axis KW (HP) 2.5/2.5/2.5
Lub. Motor W (HP) 12 (0.01)
Coolant motor W (HP) 750 (1)
FEEDRATE Rapid feedrate (X/Y/Z) m/min (ipm) 24/24/20
Cutting feedrate mm/min (ipm) 10000 (393)
A.T.C Tool storage capacity pcs 24(Arm Type)
Max. tool dia. (with adjacent tool) mm (in.) Ø80 (3.15)
Max. tool dia. (without adjacent tool) mm (in.) Ø150 (5.90)
Max. tool weight kg (Lb) 7 (15.4)
Tool change time (Tool to tool) sec 2.0

■ All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.