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Ultimate Balance in Structure and Design to Achieve Revolutionary Performance.

With optimized structural design, TTB-30 series offers super cutting rigidity even with oversized turning capacity. TTB-30 series is available with optional gearbox for heavy duty machine requirements to satisfy customer's needs.

High Rigidity / Stability 30° Slant Bed Structure
The 30° slant bed is one-piece manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron, tapered and stress relieved. This results in maximum stability of structural material and deformation-free performance for years.
All machine structures are optimized through FEM analysis for achieving ideal cast rib design to reduce thermal distortion and improve structural rigidity and stability.
Spacing between guideways for X and Z axis and the thickness of the saddle are both expanded to enhance the cutting rigidity and dampening of the machine.
Servo motors are directly coupled to ball screw with high pretension to minimize backlash and thermal distortion and improve machining accuracy.


Head Stock ttb-30
Various Choices for Headstock
TTB-30A/AM ψ92mm
TTB-30B/BM ψ105mm
TTB-30C/CM ψ130mm
Gear Box (TTB-30C Series)  ttb-30
With 2 speed gearbox transmission, TTB-30 series can output high torque in low RPM to meet the toughest cutting conditions. (Standard accessories for TTB-30C Series)
TMT Hydraulic Turret  ttb-30
The turret adopts DANFOSS hydraulic motor combined with high precisioncurvic coupling for faster and more reliable tool change.
Direct Coupled Motor  ttb-30
Direct coupled ballscrew transfers energy without waste.
BMT Power Turret  ttb-30
The highly rigid BMT turret has large torque output and stronger tool locking mechanism to handle heavier cutting conditions while improving tool interference. The BMT turret is ideal for heavy turning and milling applications.
Boxway Y-Axis(TTB-30MY Series)  ttb-30
High rigid boxway design Y-axis can satisfy multiple processes cutting needs, such as high precission milling or eccentric drilling. Perform the high stability of the milling capacity.


True Linear Y-Axis(TTB-30MY Series) ttb-30
With true linear Y-axis can make operation more easily. Compare to fake Y-axis, ture linear Y-axis can provide great straightness, and also ensure excellent positioning accuracy. Satisfy high precision cutting needs.
Manual Tailstock  ttb-30
Highly rigid tailstock structure and hydraulic tailstock center reduces cutting vibration. The tailstock can be easily positioned through manual connection with turret.
Separated Independent Coolant Tank  ttb-30
Coolant tank can be removed in the front for simple access to clean and maintain. The independent coolant tank employs active type oil fluid separation tank. When used together with an optional oil skimmer, consistent fluid quality can be assured. Easy chips removing and predrilled hole for high pressure pump provideand increase of convenience.
Manual/Hydraulic Steady Rest(OPT)  ttb-30
The steady rest is ideal for long bar turning application and can be manually adjusted to reduce the vibration and maintain machining stability.


Load Monitor Function(OPT) ttb-30
FANUC control system: Extra load monitor function to control tooling working to axial loading value, which can notice tool consume in advance and reduce loss rate of production efficiently.
Manual/Auto Tool Presetter(OPT)  ttb-30
The tool presetter shortens tool set up time and can easily measure tool wear to ensure machining accuracy.
Upright Control Panel  ttb-30
The agronomical control panel can be swiveled 90゚ for easier operator access.
Front Discharge Coolant Tank (Side type chip conveyor)  ttb-30
Coolant tank can be removed in the front for simple access to clean and maintain.


Tool Cabinet  
Tool cabinet under the control panel offers extra storage space for operator to use for storing tools.


TTB-30 Series
Standard Option
FANUC 0i-T Control Hollow Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck 12"/15"
Hollow Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck V12 Hydraulic Turret
V8 Hydraulic Turret V8/V12 Servo Turret
Hydraulic Tailstock Programmable Tailstock
Foot Switch Control for Chuck Air Blast Device
Coolant System Auto Door
Automatic Lubrication System Oil Mist Collector
3-color Warning Lamp Bar Feeder Interface
Working Lamp Oil Skimmer
Tool Box with Tools Manual/Auto Tool Presetter
Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart Transformer
Operation Manual  
Maintenance Manual  
Manual Guide 0i  
Auto Power OFF  
Dynamic Graph Simulation  
Rigid Tapping  
RS-232 Interface  
Memory Card Interface(PCMCIA)  



■ Standard and optional equipments listed as above are for reference only.
 The correct information is dependent on customer's order.

 Description UnitTTB-30 Series
  Headstock Type   A
Controller - 0i-T
CAPACITY Swing over bed mm Ø680 Ø660
Swing over saddle mm Ø500
Max. turning diameter mm Ø500
Max. working length mm 750 1150 1650 2150
Distance between centers mm 800 1200 1700 2200
Bar capacity mm Ø78
Chuck size inch 10" (opt. 12")
STROKE X-axis stroke mm 250+30
Z-axis stroke mm 810 1210 1710 2210
FEEDRATE Axial rapid feedrate m/min 20/25 16/20 16/20 16/12
Cutting feedrate(X/Z) mm/min 10000
SPINDLE Spindle speed rpm 3000
Spindle nose - A2-8 
Spindle bore diameter mm Ø92
TURRET Turret type and storage capacity - Hyd. V8 (opt. V12)
Square tool dimension mm 25x25
Boring tool dimension mm Ø40
MOTOR Spindle motor output (cont./30 min.) KW(HP) 15/18.5(20/25)
Axial servo motor output KW(HP) X:3.0, Z:3.0
(X:4.0, Z:4.0)

■ All specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.