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TTL-G Series
Standard Option
FANUC 0i-Mate TD controller Hollow Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck 5"(TTL-10G)/6"(TTL-12G)
Collet Chuck 171E(TTL-10G)/173E(TTL-12G) Collet Chuck CL-36(TTL-10)/CL-42(TTL-12)
Hollow Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck 5"(TTL-10)/6"(TTL-12) Foot Switch Control for Chuck (TL-10G/TL-12G)
Foot Switch Control for Chuck (TTL-10/12) Parts Catcher (TTL-10/12)
Parts Catcher (TTL-10G/12G) Product Conveyor (TTL-10/12)
Product Conveyor (TTL-10G/12G) Chain type Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart
Coolant System Screw type Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart
Automatic Lubrication System Auto Door
3-color Warning Lamp Oil Mist Collector
Working Lamp High Pressure Cutting Coolant Motor
Front Air Blast Bar Feeder
Tool Box with Tools Oil Skimmer
Chip Basket Manual/Auto Tool Presetter
Operation/Maintenance Manual Air Conditioner
Heat Exchanger Transformer/ Voltage Stabilizer
Manual Guide 0i  
Auto Power Off (M30)  
Barfeeder Interface  
Dynamic Graph Simulation  
RS-232 Interface  
Memory Card Interface(PCMCIA)  

■ Standard and optional equipments listed as above are for reference only.
 The correct information is dependent on customer's order.

Description UnitTTL-12
  Controller - 0i-Mate TD
CAPACITY Swing over bed mm φ475
Swing over saddle mm φ80
Max. turning diameter mm φ360
Max. working length mm 185
Bar capacity mm φ42
Chuck size inch 6"
Type of collet chuck - -
STROKE X-axis stroke mm 340
Z-axis stroke mm 265
FEEDRATE Axial rapid feedrate m/min X:18, Z:18 (opt. 24)
Cutting feedrate(X/Z) mm/min 10000
SPINDLE Spindle speed rpm 6000
Spindle nose - A2-5
Spindle bore diameter mm φ56
TURRET Turret type and storage capacity - Servo V8
Square tool dimension mm 20x20
Boring tool dimension mm φ25
MOTOR Spindle motor output (cont./30 min.) KW(HP) 3.7/5.5 (5/7.4)
Axial servo motor KW X:1.2, Z:1.2
(X:1.6, Z:1.6)