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CNC Lathe Machining Center Supplier  

Established in 1978,  TMT is one of the best CNC machining suppliers in Taiwan which manufactures CNC Lathe Machining Center. It offers various types of machine for customers to choose from. In our headquarter, we have precision equipment such as CAM/CAM/CAE design centers, large 3D measuring table, HP laser ball bar testing device and spindle testing to develop new products. Welcome to contact us directly if you would like to inquire about our CNC Lathe or Machining Center.

CNC Lathe
  • TTL-G Series

    Chuck size:CL-36/CL-42

    Bar capacity:Ø36/45 mm

    Max. working length:100/185mm

    Max. turning diameter:Ø100/ Ø160 mm

    Spindle Nose:A2-4/A2-5

  • L Series

    Chuck size:8”/ 10”

    Bar capacity:Ø52 / Ø65 / Ø75mm

    Max. working length:385mm ~ 700mm

    Max. turning diameter:Ø200 ~ Ø390mm

    Spindle Nose:A2-6 / A2-8

  • TTL
    TTL Series

    Chuck size:6”/ 8”/ 10"
    Bar capacity:Ø45 / Ø52mm / Ø65mm
    Max. working length:300mm ~ 550mm
    Max. turning diameter:Ø400mm
    Spindle Nose:A2-5 / A2-6

  • TTB-20
    TTB-20 Series

    Chuck size:8”/10”
    Bar capacity:Ø52 / Ø65mm
    Max. working length:300mm~600mm
    Max. turning diameter:Ø420m
    Spindle Nose:A2-6

  • TTB-20MW Series

    Chuck size:6”/ 8”/ 10"
    Bar capacity:Ø45mm / Ø52mm / Ø65mm
    Max. working length:500mm ~ 610mm
    Max. turning diameter:Ø300mm ~ Ø360mm
    Spindle Nose:A2-5 / A2-6

  • TTB-25 Series
    TTB-25 Series

    Chuck size:10”

    Bar capacity:Ø75mm

    Max. working length:510 ~ 1000mm

    Max. turning diameter:Ø450mm/Ø380mm

    Spindle Nose:A2-8

  • TTB-30
    TTB-30 Series

    Chuck size:10”/ 12”/ 15”

    Bar capacity:Ø78 ~ Ø105mm

    Max. working length:640mm ~ 1150mm

    Max. turning diameter:Ø330 ~ Ø460mm

    Spindle Nose:A2-8

  • TTB-36 Series

    Chuck size:12”/ 15”/ 18”

    Bar capacity:Ø89 ~ Ø165mm

    Max. working length:695mm ~ 3115mm

    Max. turning diameter:Ø420 ~ Ø550mm

    Spindle Nose:A2-8 / A2-11

  • TTB-40 Series
    TTB-40 Series

    Chuck size:18”/ 21”

    Bar capacity:Ø165 ~ Ø205mm

    Max. working length:1200 ~ 3165mm

    Max. turning diameter:Ø510 ~ Ø550mm

    Spindle Nose:A2-15

  • TLD-MYW Series

    Chuck size:6"/6", 8"/8", 8"B/8"B

    Bar capacity:Ø45/ Ø 52/ Ø 65 mm

    Max. working length:570mm

    Max. turning diameter:Ø330 mm

    Spindle Nose:A2-5/A2-6

Machining Center
  • TLV Series (Linear Guideway)
    TLV Series (Linear)

    X axis travel:800 ~ 1000mm

    Y axis travel:500 ~ 600mm

    Z axis travel:575 ~ 600mm

    Spindle Taper:BT-40

  • TG Series (Column Moving Gantry Type)

    X axis travel:700mm

    Y axis travel:450mm

    Z axis travel:420mm

    Spindle Taper:BT-40

  • TBV Series (Box Guideway)
    TBV Series (Boxway)

    X axis travel:1100 ~ 1600mm

    Y axis travel:610 ~ 850mm

    Z axis travel:610 ~ 700mm

    Spindle Taper:BT-40/ BT-50

Tapping Center
  • BT-30 Series
    BT-30 Series
  • BT-40 Series
    BT-40 Series
  • APC Series
    APC Series