Dependability through comprehensive manufacturing capabilities

Medical Industry

Biotechnology and Medicine is one of the most prospective industries. Recently, the limited production time and extremely high demand on medical products turn out to be the huge challenge for machine tools' function.
While searching for suitable machine tools, you could take TMT's equipment into consideration. "TLV-320 5AX" and "TG-350 5AX" are especially developed for the purpose of high-level precision. The column moving structure lightens the moving parts and allows no vibration during the high-speed movement. The processing performance with high efficiency and high accuracy could not only meet the need of complex parts processing, it also saves the production time, enhancing the productivity.
TLV-320 5AX

TLV-320 5AX

По оси X :560 mm
По оси Y :400 mm
По оси Z :400 mm
Конус шпинделя:BT-40